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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00am-6:45am EDT

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viper right now there is a flood watch in effect for areas north of tamp >>russell: there is a flood watch in effect for areas north of tampa. big linesf storms are coming in from the gulf. >>laura: we need to get to dave. you've been warning people about this for days. looks like a lot of rain. >>dave: this is to add to the two to four, five inches nowng youe got a g linof rain a the timing he morningcommute. i'm going to hone in where some i've got to tell you that i'm countetohe lightning this is not a lightning event. this is not athunderstorm. this is heavy, soaking, potentially flooding rain event,
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wind gusts. this is just a lot of heavy rain which will accumulate very quickly on the roadways. heads up, largo, clearwater, dunedin, tarpon springs, really all the way up 19 as this line starts to move through the area. this is probably one of those times where if you had to walk out the door now, if you could hold off for just a little bit, let's just get the red and the orange through the area and then rndating art to get better f port richey all the y tohe hudson area. it's also heading into hernando county as well.pplaces have see share of rain over the course of the past 24 to 48 hours. further up on19, a little more scattered but still some moderate downpours. i back out again t show you that even while you get the heaviest of the rain now, behind it we're still going to be
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the morning and eventually even sarasota, bradenton, you get in on the act with the showers and the storms. the flood watch continues. pasco, hernando, citrus county through tomorrow evening so this isn't the only line of rain that we're going to have to deal with. this just happens to be one first thing this morning. we're going to have more skytower radar views coming up. you know, it's really all about the morning commute at this point and i'm hoping at least right now, it's starting off a quiet note. >>vanessa: so far, so good. as as wn wget lot of ra, we like to caution folks not going fter tha you need to be o the roys, t roadways. so slow it down outere. inhe meantime, if y're just joining , this is a caying over from the lastr it i. it's on memorial hiway. a hvyng'mms repnithel,eastboun
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me of teheig ortss,we
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in t last half anhour, we've already seen here off state 54,000 the rainfall has intensified in that srthoer if weinur camera over there, we can teehat raifallin ri lo yo u can e waterfl wa lik a raced the andolks werehe hos, some of others for sever ys. hours, going to continue to follow this throughout the morning. we'll continue to monitor the weather conditions.
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bags,rying to prepare for the weather event. we'll n back withnother live report for you coming up here within the next hour. anyoura: let's g t the nse're flowing now pactgirportshe alf igh a flire ground ting tha due to a system outa tngki abou outage right now. this i live lk at th delta line a tpa aiort. calm, a 30 minutes ago but r whatever reason, and we're trying to figure out what that is,his lineas gotte extremely long. passengers are shong up learning their flights have been delayed. this delta flight schedul to ta off in the next 10minutes, that's theext one we know passengers reporting delays as fa ay as london and tokyo at this hour. alcides segui has just arrived at the airport. we're going to che with him coming up at 6:30.
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more than a dozen people are waiting to find out when they can return home after a fir codt reut atrt landing apartments in tampa. lfctnen say herlectc when she triout out the fire, the fire extinguisher didn't work properly. firefighters managed to contain the flames in just a matter of minutes. red cross is assisting families. this is the second fire at the complex since march. on the howard frankland bridge and it's a problem that we have reported on for months. >>russell: and it might have happened again yesterday. only this time, someone was there to save this little kitten's life. a woman was on the bridge when she saw a kitten fly out an de model bwn pickup shd over to help but t cat was so scared, it hit in the wheel well of her s.u. tkoo a tea but first kittenutinju.naged to remove the
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ca ney >>el b meshe fe o theruck or i one deliberately threw it. months.are veinstigating.e foun >>laura: a helicopterilot was arsted after snapping this picture. it shows him flying just feet kiss theyracked down the owner and they were waiting when the pilot landed. ex the helicopter and inead, to he took off again with a group of passengers inside. when he returned, he told deputies that he was flying low because he was carrying a heavy load.
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that's against policy. he's charged with operating an aircraft in a wreckless manner and residing arrest without violence. >>russell: later today hillary clinton will make her first stop in florida since the democratic national convention. she's scheduled to week at two rallies, one in st. peterurg and another in kissimmee. she want to discuss her job plans for the first 100 days in office. th event is already full according to inn's campaign website. doors open at 1:30. also today, launchin a new round of campaign ads inee states, including flora. new spot, which is also airing in pennsylvania and ohio, gs ter inton. ohioovernoohnic kh has no endorsedtrump. clinton, either.'t support as for what he's going to do with the ballot this fall, kasich say hsundecided. >>laura: sool starts earlier th usual thi year.
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>>russell: tax-free holiday weekend just wraed up even with the discounts, there are families that cant afford the most basic of sl supplies. >>ura: that's why this morning, fox 13 is holding a backo school drive and walter allen is right outside our studios on kenne boulevard where we're jus getting started, right? >>walter: that's right. it's officially open as of a few minutes ago. it is a little quiet here, but we understand i t is6:00. we invite to you come out now, especi i'm standing here with katrina. you're a readingcoach. talk to me about justlementary school the struggles you guys face? school that sits in the heart of the north boulevard homes and our families are families love their kids but really s as far as having their financial needs met and of course, that sort of transfers to meeting the needs when the kids are going
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but we work really hard with the and the families there. we have a passion for teaching them at just and the kids absolutely love coming out to the school so just having this time to higight our school, i'm so tful for highlightin ju emenry. >>walter: thank you foroming on so when you can't meet the need for the supplies, basically you teachers have to pick up the slack, right? >> yes. unfortunately, we start year coming out of our pockets with quite a bit of money to try pplement. when things arenad, and that's great, and we need people tona te, donate, teachers mone puschool year.level, how you feel the kids have start with th
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need. i mean, having the supplie that you need is one way to sort of level t playing field so the playing field is not always level. but we try to do that by giving them the tngs that they need. we t to support them emotionally. we try to support their social growth. but we absoly need to support their academic growth and this is one of the ways we cano that. >>walter: and really quickly, i know we're running out of time, how do you feel when people come up and start >> i love it. you're providing a child with what they absolutely need and you're letting someone know that you care, that you're a part of this community and you care about the least in the community. >>walter: katrina, thank you so much. toss it back to you. we're right here outside of our studios on -- what is this, north a? come by and drop stuff off. look for the list on our website, >>laura: be sure to thank her
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>>russell: now get to charley belcher. he's live in clearwater at the second location for our --t's not raining over here yet. how are you doing? >>charley: i'm going to tell you, it's not a "good day." it's not a good day for a supply drive necessarily outside. it's a good day, tampa bay. we can s make it a good day, but it's not a greatay d for this.
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wrong and a lot of our kids just don't have the resources to get these supplies themselves. >>charley: i think of a social aspect of it, too. if you're the one student who doesn't have the notebook and everybody else dodey you feel, maybe i'm poor. maybe my parents can't dohis or that. let's take that out of it. if everybody has something, we take that social stigma away, too. >> that's exactly right. it's hard for kids to walk into a classroom and know they don't have the supplies that other kids have. it's andwhy. so we supplies we can year because kids run of s going to mak teachers that needsthe. we'll take themad. we'll make it just drive throu it's the long. you have to forroad.
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it's alwayis. we're, t folks. pa notebooks, whateverappreciate it. ru laura? we'll be here whatever the weather. >>laura: poor jen given that hair. >>russell: maybe he's right. maybe she'll part the sky and we'll have the su lare going to check back in with walter and charley throughout the morning. >>russell: you'll see us o first, though, as you can see right there, we're keepi a very close eye on the rain. >>ve we ha a very hea line oraf . it will dp an inch in no t from hernando county through pasco county, pinellas and n ge over the well. torrential to work through th
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dience lgh
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eainfall thismorning.bout somef the rnfall rates are an inch or two per hour. now, granted, you may not get this type of heavy rain for an hour, but it giv you a idea of what you're walking into as morning.tside very ear this i'm honing in look at this line of heavy ra here's the courtney campbell, the howarfrankland and is one of those jus torrenti downpours, t kd and still have a hard wishiel time seeing t. when you can outro f the bridges aittle bi i'm for safe.
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that's the's moving eas per hou about t quickly start to hold downhe in and it's still dark stairy t
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this is you see the p where it's rainin for us, of course, because of all the rainfall we had over the weekend plus the fact that it's st dark. you'veot a morning commu going here is the flood watch w goes from pasco, hernando, ount. th only ban rai tt w dea with. andheng is you get bigpin s herehe istle of energy nd what i does toward the coastline. that ges you a little era liftt e same we've so got a souwest wind thas ving in all of that moisture. those two combi anedreha giving us that very heavy rai
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while we tid of thisne ba,nother one mayet op forater this afternoon or night going int tomorrow morning. so the rainfall totals from the couter models are still pretty high. they're saying,t lea this cos saying through wednesdaymorning, ne're still looking at an inch and a half to two inchelohe aybe thre amounts inland. model which goes through uter pretty muchgayin the se maybe a inches of ra i tamp sohiwi be enoug to cause some f on top of what we' already had. so while it's not a washout every day, it's these bands of ra as they come through, they just --he cumulive eect of those may cause some minor flooding especially inhe counties to the north. i absolutely urge you to kee checking yr skytower radar as the heavy rai bands setp and
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roads. >>vanessa: we're sing quite a bit craes popping up so i'm just going to sti with se of the biggerones. a new one we're following affecting linebgh avenue, lane blockage here. we're seeing delays. this is at the intersectionith sheldon road. it sounds like this is a big scene. we're hearing this i a vehicle apd underneath the fuelart of the tanker trucko where they're carrying all the fuel. about 5,000 gallons of diesel is
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some difficulty in extricating whoever is inside tt car. we don't know the extent of injuries but as far as a traffic standpoint, avoid that area. instead of taking linebaugh, the main area of concern, as far as the sh concer waters to the south. eastbound, wtbnd throughlive lk d as we t u can seeling some rain soe youour out the dooradalditily hea cas but fairly dark so just kee epealed that direction. ash repord thacould ussome lan blockas, mgo rao jtatch out for wee yyoon hothmo
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to see what's clicking oth it's see what's clicking on the we
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up a choreograph numnd here ? fun. ty' ior so much good for lexi at their reception, hunt and his sixrooms m sprunto action. ty wholeance number worked out.s he was inspid li is. heven browed the song. vid has 20 mlion views. what a way t sotart their married life. >>russell: next hot click, we have another musical number.
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>>russell: this is mac and that's his father ted. now, a few years ago, ted was diagnosed with alzheimer's. ted is known as the song a minute man due to the large number of songs he knows and mac says that singing brings him back to himself. now they're giving back through a series of youtube videos that have raised tens of thousands of dollars. >>laur songs. >>russell: still ahead, the latest on a worldwide outage for delta airlines. >>laura: and fox 13 is braving the rain and holding a back to school drive. we know it's raining. we know it's a monday but give anyway, right? >>walter: you said the ruler brought back bad memories. the trash can brought back bad memories for me. that's where we're collecting all of the school supplies here. 3213 west kennedy boulevard outside of the studios.
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>>russell: thanks. we're tracking a lot of rain this morning. dave is up next with a closer
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? ba da ba ba ba many oheountsie up in the paarea, too. there it is, just streaming down as had the last three mornings have actually beenike this and for pasco, hernand and citrus county, we have the flood watch continuing until tomorrow evening. some of the heaviest of the rain that picture there, plus you looke radar and we've got some very heavy rain moving over the bridges now.
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if you could just hold off your morning commute in theampa area for about 30 minutes, i think you would probablye a lot safer because look at these bridges, too. the entire couney campbell covered in tropical downpours. same for theowd frankland and the gandy. this activity working from t to. it goingt 30 miles an hour. deal wit some very heavy rain, at least it's movg through quickly enoug t roadways. as you goorth on 19 and you get up to hoday, new port ey we're just east of 19 where that picture was we just showed you, t rain continues to comedown. someeavy rain east of hudso along and that rain starts to sneak closer and closer to i-75 and then up into hernando county itrus county, the rain continues heaviest rain will be along the coast and to the north, right th rough tomorw evening and
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atha point we may g tonight and tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>vanessa: you mentioned the wet roadways s folks, please be sure to leave early. i want to remind you again of the two big lane blockage crashes we're dealing with right now. both west of the veterans expressway. due to the tanker truck accident where the vehicle is trapped underneath the truck. we know there' injuries rerted and police are on scene directing traffic. best bet is just to completel avoid that area instead of taking linebaugh, stick with waters. other crash we're following with full shutdown is affecting memorial highway. there's some injuries reported with this one as well with hillsborough avenue being the best work around. here is the new crash. pinellas county drivers could
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so far haven't seen them yet but this lingers for a bit, definitely so. southbound two lanes blocked at the intersection with roosevelt boulevard. looks very slick here. this is in pinellas. making your way toward the howard frankland bridge, 275 at fourth street north, slow it down and be careful. >>russell: 6:35 right now. developing right now, delta airlines says all of the flights are grounded, all of them due to a system outage. >>laura: we're talking about a worldwide alcides segui live for us at tampa international. have you been able to learn anything more about what's going on? >>reporter: unfortunately, they're not saying ahole employees know what is going on, either. all they know is what you reported, that it is a systemwide oage and as of right now, all flights are grounded so what does that mean if you're catching a flight here at t.i. and you're flying dea, that means you'd better get out here earl this line is growing by the
6:36 am
about 15 people waiting in line. no i have to tell you this le is about 100, possibly more than that. you can see how many folks are here. right now there's probably about 25, 30. on the other side of that wall, you line growing from left to right on your screen as well. there's a lot more people trying to check in to their delta airlines flight. one of the issues here and you can't see it now because you have the people in the way but you typically have a sel those are not working as well. tens of thousands possibly have been affected by this. i've been on social media all morning long and we're talking about, as you mentioned, really across the globe. flights from london, flights in hawaii, flights in boston as well, all of them are being delayed monday morning and according to delta airlines twitter page, it says our systems are down everywhere. an airline spokesman has
6:37 am
immediately have any details. again, passengers reported delays at heathrow, tokyo, los angeles, again here at tampa international airport and what is very interesting about this, and i've been talking about this with our executive producer and you can't see it now, unfortunately, because it's behind this wall but there is a board and the board basically indicates all of the delta flights and from what i can see -- can you see that, joe? can you see that? okay. there's a flight that leaves at 7 c. -- 7:15 this morning. flight e6687, that flight was supposed to take off at 7:05 and it's been delayed to 7:50 but that is the only one that i see there on that but from what we understand, delta is saying that all the
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we've beenrying to contact deltahr tgh their twitter page and through their spokesperson, and hopefully we'll get more definiti answers throughout "good day." >>laura: thank you. also making headlines, senator rubio says that women infted with the kaus vir should not be allowed to have abortions even ifir bav micro cephaly. that's the severe disorder that smaller than average there's no cure and it could be life threatening. according to thecdc, floridas etate seconworst affected zika after new york. it is the only to have infections caused by local mosquitos now totaling 16. >>russell: food and drug administration has the authority to regulate all tobacco products. the past fe years, number of high school studentssing e-cegs has dropped 900%.
6:39 am
anyone und t agef . photo id's need to required for folks underhe age of 27. >>laura: seasonal gas prices have hit her lowest level in 12 years. that's according to aaa. the nationals $2.12 a gallon. that's 50 cents less than this time aear ago and $1.36 less than this time two years ago. right now hal of the gas stations in florida have prices less than $2 a >>ruel team.s u. is off to viy.orerican4x0ha olympicold me
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we h listnur website butve this oking for like rulers, scientific calculators, spanish-english dictionaries, college rule, wide rule paper, of course, the typical markers, crayons, all this needed. memories for ody? me.b withies come good i was producer laura da momen deputy or law dropped off take a. these areese are going to becou. we're a pinellas put in their te supplies startdown,
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center f school there.
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floda, sto by. t in washi-"rp setorce rsngorecin "rcbio stpeowinupown.
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(cl phone ringin ll o (cl phonehei wn i id ioiasinnm ic i sa yer w o fo
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l h raihcoty.
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soedndheic u lot of rainn srt gtiad really south ot some heavierainng through. heres gandy andoip dale mabry sho spo are we l theayo town 'n' country, citrus park a t line is vingastt 30 milesur ho unty.ov throughinellas th'r starting to see a lite bit of aak guess? mo rai comg in bat. juvi prong wave after wave of rnor fus citru t oodessaotzand o s, in .
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inch with going hour. it justn ideansity of that rain ch of wkingcoowunty. flood thr we' going herndo, the--s io on raiyet, ra.nd watch esearl
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all about back >>laura: b supply doesn'n in tw plesss live in clearwater.
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it tust aitrain, she's not s iso
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and look let theage don't have going to be transported to pinellas county schools and distributed to needmo. >>charley: you're just going to ease into did the morning show h you and walter?>>wann igrt. yeah. rul? laur anything? i have to do this >>laur she did bring the sunshine. >>charley: jennifer epstein shows up andhere's aginskies. there's a clearing in the skies. >>jennifer: did i that. chley: suddenly it's a little brighter. >>jennifer: i'm a little shook
6:54 am
dark out. i couldn't see. >>charley: you didn't put your ? >>jennifer: no. but at least three cars did. don't do that. >>charley: anything else you need to know? we have notebook paper, notebooks. we're going to talk about our favorite school supplies coming up. now that jens seriously come ou lceer. meet jenfeep ox
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thanks. all right. really serious and sad story coming up at 7:00. water supplied s wlide theend.a: arecourt's plan to p visitors from alligators. we're following thatnd,haheard. not n going toin a live report from tampa international. alcides segui is there. that's coming up at 7:00. >>dave: i'll tel you what. too.eo ha a l of weaer o and look how dark it isn that monghr treano the way to lutz, o e clioastne and noh.
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ntalways i'shd wa them, and it'd be back before i even got to class. finally, i discovered new tide odor defense.
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in fact, some of you might need t >>russell: grab an umbrella. some of you may need to even worry about flooding. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm weather is the right now. bay area.itouhris trackin the shayla reaves is outside in an area that could ood. tshe' ahe that are available, some of the precautions. we'll startit dave od morning. >>dave: good morning. a lot of heavy rain moved ago.we're stillg that the es tampa area now and is ithe t heaviest rain we've ever seen? bu it's been raining o and off where everything is at bank


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